Aktivliving Yoga Pilates, Barre and Yin


About Us

Aktliving came about from a passion of healthy clean eating and Yoga. I love to share what I create in the kitchen and how Yoga makes us feel and the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle which includes clean eating, Yoga, Yin (a new love), Pilates and a Barre practice.

My Journey started at a young age but it began when my husband became sick and I started to research more about food and how I could incorporate different ingredients to help keep my husband’s immune system and strength up – he had throat cancer which years later would have significant ramifications on his health and today continues to.

I have always been passionate about food. I can still remember that morning when I woke up, determined to cook something because I had been asking my mother to let me cook, I was young around 5 or 6.

So, I pulled out some ingredients and a saucepan and started to create a dish on the stove cooktop, that was Canberra in the A.C.T. where I was born and grew up until we moved. Well I was not popular with my mum, so she promptly sent me down to my Grandmothers who live about a 10-minute walk away.

My first cooking lesson was a vanilla sponge cake, made by hand, with a wooden spoon. My grandmother did not have an electric beater or mixer, so I had to beat the butter and sugar by hand until is was creamy and fluffy. My hands hurt but it was the best vanilla cake I have eaten. So regularly on a Sunday I would cook with my Grandmother and then I started to make food in my grandmother’s kitchen for my family, grandmother, grandfather and my uncles – one dish I made was dumplings in Golden Syrup I was pretty proud of myself as I did it by myself.

My Instagram account has allowed me to share the food I create for my family, and hopefully to inspire you to get in the kitchen to cook and eat nourishing food, and now I love cooking with my grandchildren – but no one messes with Grace who takes control, it brings so much joy
My website allows me to share my journey and recipes with you all to enable you to create the food that I love eating and to help you see how easy and tasty healthy food can be and to be creative with food “as we eat with our eyes”

I’m a yogi and hitting the mat is very much part of my life, I love walking, Pilates and training with my trainer Jimi to keep me strong.

I am surrounded by a loving and supportive family and who have encouraged me to pursue my passion and I love them very much and thank them.z

My family – Tanya is the naturopath of the family who is my voice of reasoning, when it comes to ingredients I use, Jack who keeps me motivated, Peter who shares my passion for cooking, we both love cooking homemade Relish and have done a few cook ups together, Ella who inspires me with her creativity and Rebeca who share my drive and I see a lot of me in her. They have all been there for me in my journey of life along with my husband David- my rock.