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Rest and Receive Restorative Yoga & Reiki Healing

Join Katie & Andrea for a unique event that combines gentle yoga postures with the healing energy of Reiki, creating a safe space for participants to rest and receive. This experience aims to release stress, restore balance, and promote well-being. Participants will be guided into restorative yoga poses for deep physical rest while receiving Reiki from the qualified healers. Bookings are essential; bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. Restorative Yoga involves gentle stretching and deep breathing, promoting tension release and deep rest. Reiki Healing channels universal life force energy for balancing and self-healing, either hands-on or off the body.

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Monthly Meditation Circle

Join Katie each month for her Monthly Meditation: The Circle of Light Create more space and awareness in your life each month by joining our meditation circle where Katie will guide you through meditation and breath. Experience the powerful benefits of group meditation within a beautiful candle lit setting. Discover a new level of wholeness and peace of mind in your daily life. Experience new tools that will help you to balance the mental, emotion and spiritual areas of your life. What to bring: wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat or meditation pillow. Bolsters and blankets provided. There will also be chairs for those who prefer to sit in meditation.

Casual classes, memberships, class packs and 4 locations included.

Our regular and guest teachers come together to create immersive and expansive workshops, incorporating learning, creativity, movement and rest.

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